Founded in 1903 as Arnott's Cycle & Motor Works, OEM.Digital has 120 years of history

Arnott's Cycle & Motor Works Est.1903. Mair Street Benalla Vic.

Arnott's Garage, Benalla Floods 1916
Below: Benalla Ensign Newspaper Advert 1917. Ten years later we were still selling exactly the same car. Ford dealers around Australia jumped ship as soon as GM officially opened for business in August 1926. Arnott's were the 11th GM Franchise in Australia and the longest serving - 87 years.




Bert Arnott Snr, Arnott's Garage Billboard and the new Chevrolet



Bert Arnott & daughter Dorothy, 35 Bridge Street Benalla.


Arnott's Garage staff 1935


Now called Arnott's Motors and new premises at 88 Bridge Street Benalla 1964


Arnott's at Benalla Show 


Arnott's were guarantors to Benalla Auto Club's bank loan to pay for sealing of Winton Motor Raceway. Winton's esses were origninally called Arnott's Corner.