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Ducati Pantah, Alazurra, Indiana - Replacement CDI - Bosch type

Ducati Pantah, Alazurra, Indiana - Replacement CDI - Bosch type

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Hand Held Dyno® More than just an Ignition.

As kids, we all coveted owning a Swiss Army knife, the ultimate do-it-all utility tool with a solution for every problem. Let's face it, since then, a peek in our shed will reveal we've always had an eye out for new innovations to deal with everyday unexpected situations. The Hand Held Dyno®Ignition is the Swiss Army knife of ignitions.

A quick word about us: Our day job is designing Automotive Engine Management Semiconductors and ECUs for tomorrow's cars and bikes. In fact, chances are you've been on a bike, or in a car that has one of Co-Founder, Mike Garrard's engine management semiconductor designs under the hood. Mike has over 20 engine management patents to his credit. Founder, Mike Arnott has Automotive roots back to 1906 with his family's Motor business that represented Ford from 1916 to 1926, and GM from 1927 to 2013.

...that said, our passion however is for Classic Bikes and Cars with CARBURETORS! We love'em! AND we like to make them go better!

Thus, we've invented a performance Ignition packed with 21st century innovation to make your machine more enjoyable and easier to maintain. For example, you know that feeling the night before tomorrow's ride? Grrr... Is the battery charged enough, will the bike start at sparrow's fart tomorrow? The frustration is, getting out the multimeter, if you can find it, untangling its cords, taking off the side cover, yada, yada - it's a chore! With the Hand Held Dyno®Ignition and Free App you can complete these tasks in moments. Just key-on, open the App and check the status! Too easy! And the handy features don't stop there!


Unique "Long Duration Spark" technology - LDS.

LDS keeps your plugs lit for up to 5 times longer than CDI for:

  • Easier starting under all conditions and more confident idle at traffic lights.
  • Improved torque and horsepower for better performance around town, or at the racetrack.

      "Good ride this afternoon
      Bike ran flawlessly. Idles without me constantly blipping the throttle.
      No stutter on the gas. No backfiring (it did that before)
      Just runs strong and trouble free." Cameron, Canada


      Over voltage detection - You may be here because your faulty regulator blew your ignition. Often, this, else blown lights on a dark night, or a swollen battery is the first you know you have a problem. What if it took only a moment, seconds after starting your bike to check the charge coming from your regulator - just turn on the key, open our easy-to-use App, give the bike a blip and know what your regulator is doing!

      "Once I installed the Free App and connected via Bluetooth (pure witchcraft) I discovered the bike was overcharging with a U/S regulator... I am not sure another aftermarket ignition would have survived that. Steve, Tasmania.

      Over voltage protection - Many ignition systems let the smoke out when your faulty regulator sends too many volts! We have designed our ignition to be protected up to 24 volts, way more than an alternator/regulator can generate. And there's more, in the event of a regulator failure mid ride, with your Smartphone mounted on your handlebars and the Hand Held Dyno®Ignition's Free App you can monitor voltage and keep it low as you ride to keep that headlight shining.

      Reverse polarity protection - We encourage our customers to install their Hand Held Dyno®Ignition themselves. We appreciate that novice mechanics (and pros!) can make mistakes and screw up the wiring order and "let the smoke out".  Thats why we have made our ignition unbreakable. No matter how you wire it, the smoke stays inside!

      Easy Installation:

      Automatic Static Timing System - ASTS - We have designed the easiest to install ignition available! It's Plug and Play. No static timing adjustments are necessary, so you don't even need to know what that means, much less know how to configure it!
      No need for wire crimpers, we provide screw terminals that enable you to easily customise and route your cables to the required length from each component back to the ICU (Ignition Control Unit).

      "Not needing specialist tools (and skills) attracted me to this product from day one. It's a nice feeling to hear it fire up." Steve, Tasmania

      Smartphone App and Bluetooth Connectivity:

      Free Smartphone App - No gimmick, it's all about convenience!
      At key-on, connect you phone to the Hand Held Dyno®Ignition via the Free App to view tachometer, check battery voltage and regulator charging rate so you know you're ready for tomorrow's ride.

      Customising your bike? - Use our Free App on your Smartphone as a dashboard to view your Tachometer, battery voltage and charge rate. It's all Bluetooth, so no wiring necessary, just clip the phone to your handlebars, connect to your Hand Held Dyno®Ignition and you have a high-definition tachometer!

      If you want more features, like GPS speedometer, shift lights, accelerometer and much more, upgrade to our *Tuner Edition App for only $100. That's a saving of maybe $1,000s or more on an aftermarket Dashboard with none of these features, that also requires you to hack into your wiring harness!


      Use the Free App, (works with both Standard & Tuner Edition Hand Held Dyno®Ignitions) to select any of the 9 preconfigured ignition maps, that's convenience, no lifting the seat, tank or sidecovers, no screwdrivers or wired connections to computers, you can change maps via the App in a heartbeat, even while the engine is running!

      Optional Tuning Features:
      We all do it, go out to the shed and have a quiet beer with our bikes. ...But, sometimes we like to do more, and fitting handlebar tassels doesn't really cut it! So we developed some fun toys for you and your buddies to play with during the winter months.

      With the Hand Held Dyno®Tuner Edition Ignition plus the optional *Tuner Edition App, you're well on your way to having a very affordable, fully-fledged tuning workshop at home.  The 'Tuner Edition Ignition enables you to connect one sensor at a time to tune and diagnose issues with your engine. The sensor's output is sent to your Smartphone for you to monitor or record via the App. Optional sensors and their controllers that plug into your Tuner Edition Ignition are available at additional cost.

      With the Hand Held Dyno®Tuner Edition Ignition and 'App, you can:

      • read output from a Lambda Air Fuel Ratio Sender/Sensor to verify you have the perfect AFR.
      • read output from Cylinder Head Temp to check everything is in order. A cold temperature is an early sign you have a leaking inlet manifold.
      • read Exhaust Gas Temperature, another means to measure or augment AFR readings.
      • read Barometric Air Pressure from a BAP sensor to check Carburettor Balance without need for hoses to vacuum gauges. It is also another means for detecting an inlet leak or diagnosing issues on your carburettor car.
      • connect any one of these sensors one at a time to the Hand Held Dyno®Tuner Edition Ignition's sensor input port.

      More Optional features!
      If you want to really impress your buddies (or start a professional engine tuning business), show them how you can connect up to 5 sensors and record their output for any combination of AFR, EGT, CHT, BAP.

      After winning the Open Class event at Laguna Seca on his Hand Held Dyno®Ignition equipped Ducati Bevel Racer here's what Kevin had to say about our Tuning Features.

      "I graphed out the A/F ratio data for a selected acceleration/deceleration (probably on the front straight, as a guess) and sent it to Corey Dyess at SmartCarb. He suggested richening up the ratio after review." Kevin, California.

      These optional sensors plus their sensor controllers where required all connect wirelessly to your Smartphone. If you race, you can record your AFR at 100mph to know if you're running too lean and about to have a disaster. With the Hand Held Dyno®Ignition Tuning Suite, we have many of the tuning & diagnostic features of a Motor Dealership's Engine Tune Scope from the pre 1990s covered, though with ours, you can drive out of the garage with all the sensors still fitted. 

      Quality components:
      We're proud of our products and want you to be proud to own something very special on your bike. So, we made them out of quality billet 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminium components with a delicious gold hard anodised finish.  One customer reported he slept with it under his pillow the night it arrived. "I felt like a kid!" he said!

      All the optional features are plug and play and can be added as your budget can afford. Finally, you have something more exciting than yet another trade tool from the hardware store to wish for next Father's Day! Let the kids know!

      * The Hand Held Dyno®Free App does not access the Tuning features of the Tuner Edition Ignition.

      *The optional Hand Held Dyno®Tuner Edition App - $100 - is required to access the Tuner Edition Ignition's Data Features and is purchased separately on your phone's App store. The Free App also works with the 'Tuner Edition Ignition.

      *The Hand Held Dyno®Ignition, and Tuning Suite is modular in design. Up to 5 sensors can be added via optional Bluetooth Hubs. Each hub can accommodate 2 sensors. 

      *You can use your Hand Held Dyno®Tuner Edition Ignition as a stand-alone Tuning Tool to tune any classic vehicle in your fleet, bike and car!

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